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Protect your www.YourBusinessName.com!

We can provide the creative and technical assistance you need to purchase and manage your website name (AKA web address, URL, or simply - Domain) StormDesigns has extensive experience in the selection and maintenance of Domain Names for our clients. We will help you to select and manage your domains through third party registrars assuring that you have complete ownership and documentation of your domain name.

This service provides project owners with creative assistance.

We will do an initial review of some domain name options and present them to you along with a review of how to look for domain names if you want to test ideas.

Imagineering Quick and Easy - 10~15 minute business review, discussion to determine the intent and basic ideas of the business and how we might see translating that into an "openly available" domain name. Openly available domains are the ones which are not currently owned by or leased by any other parties. These .com's and .net's can cost about $15 ~ $20 year. This creative (one time) service fee does not include that annual fee for domain registration. Additionally through this program you may decide to purchase additional domains such as a ".com" and a ".net". We go "back to the lab" to review what is available online in open registry. If directed we can also look at domains readily for sale at higher amounts. We document our findings in an email and send this to you. We follow up to discuss this and purchase domain names on your behalf with a preferred registrar. For more information on this please contact us today.


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